How to Get Clock Hours

What’s Provided?

AWSP provides 8.5 clock hours for the 2022 Summer Conference, as well as 3 clock hours for these pre-conference sessions:

  • Cultural Competence NOW with Dr. Vernita Mayfield
  • Leadership for Achieving Equitable Student Outcomes with Dr. Vernita Mayfield
  • Daunting Yet Doable with Dr. Janel Keating

There are no clock hours for concurrent sessions as they are included in the total for the general conference. Please do not return your clock hour forms to AWSP or WASA; you are responsible for maintaining your own clock hour records. Clock hour fees are included with registration. 

There are Two Ways to Get Your Clock Hour Forms

As a clock hour provider, we are required to collect feedback on the training or event. To get your downloadable clock hour form, you’ll need to complete a survey for the conference and/or the pre-conference sessions you attended. 

To Download the Clock Hour Form Yourself

Head to the conference website on your desktop or laptop’s web browser and take the survey there. After you complete the survey for your pre-con or the conference, you’ll see the link for a downloadable and fillable PDF clock hour form. If you take the survey through the app on your mobile device, you will get a brief confirmation message but will not be able to view the clock hour link. In that case, read on.

To Have the Clock Hour Form Emailed to You

If you complete the necessary survey(s) through the conference app, we will follow up with an email that includes the fillable PDF clock hour form. This email will go out sometime in mid-July to allow everyone time to complete the surveys. If you need your clock hour forms earlier than that, please use the conference website to take your surveys.

How to Take The Surveys

General Conference Survey in the App


General Conference Survey on the Website


Concurrent Session Surveys on the Website




Concurrent Session Surveys in the App